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The Passion and Process Behind Simran Arora’s Arts & Culture Blog

There are stories everywhere to be shared and Simran Arora’s curiosity to learn about them is what fuels her writing. On her blog A Room of One's Own, she shares her appreciation for art, literature, and culture. As thoroughly researched as her posts are, she aims to keep the blog as a safe and welcoming space for readers to learn and feed their curiosities.

“It’s not that I ever feel like ‘I don’t feel like posting a blog’… It’s a fire in me that makes me want to write every week.”

- Simran Arora

Although her blog started out with a more academic focus when she was in university, it has since grown as she explored other kinds of posts that represented her expanding interests. From speaking with her readers and always staying true to herself, she maintains a variety of post styles from week to week. During her studies in Seneca's Public Relations - Corporate Communications and Social Media Marketing programs, she has learned many valuable skills that help her maintain the blog's brand and voice.

In this episode, get to know more about how Simran develops her blog posts, what inspires her, and how she remains authentic throughout everything she shares.