The Silver Linings Broadcast


Ever since the pandemic began, it feels like a constant flow of bad news. While it’s important to stay informed, it’s so easy to feel overwhelmed by it all. We may be spending more time on social media, but finding the balance between what's necessary and healthy can be difficult.

Even though there’s a lot of stress-inducing stories, there are also a lot of ones that make us smile. There is still good in the world.

Episode 6: Playing dress-up, a new semester, and TikTok fails!

On this episode we talk about finding joy in the simple things, like playing dress-up... even if it's just to take out the garbage! Trust us, a little Halloween during quarantine is a fun time.

We also celebrate the beginning of a new semester! We showcase the #SenecaProudatHome posts that showed excitement from both students and profs for the start of the semester, despite things being a little bit different.

After still watching too many TikToks, we decide to give some of the popular ones a try. Suffice to say, we've got to work on our drops and wipe transitions...

Episode 5: Mother's day, virtual marathons, and the TikTok olympics!

On this episode we talk about the creative ways people showed their appreciation on Mother's day! From dance parties to full on serenades- the physically distanced celebrations did no disappoint.

Turns out the weather and the pandemic are no match for those dedicated marathoners, and no we're not talking about Netflix marathons. Virtual marathons are popping up around the city and for a good cause, too!

After feeling inspired by the TikTok olympics, we take on our own challenge... of the cookie variety. All that sugar might have helped fuel Afshaan through every isolation movie she could find and Devin's talking about podcasts, as usual!

Episode 4: Babies, chalk art, and 80s lyrics!

On this episode we talk about the big stories featuring little miracles- babies! The Rock and Anderson Cooper melted our hearts, but a story about a woman who gave birth while she was sick with COVID-19 and in a medically induced coma is full of hope.

Thanks to photography professor Michael Visser, we showcase some uplifting chalk art from the kids who are ditching the tech and kicking it old school.

Afshaan is testing out 80s lyrics on strangers and crushing hard on Mr. Darcy... again. But at least Devin has moved on to watching something other than The Office!

Episode 3: Chocolate Mousse, Gibberish, and Jumanji!

On this episode we talk about unconventional graduation ceremonies, featuring prominent celebrities. How often do you find Oprah speaking at your convocation? These are special times - you will never forget this experience!

We celebrate those who have seen far more than this pandemic - two pandemics and a world war! We celebrate their spirit and positivity, and draw inspiration from them!

Our Seneca community is cooking up something delicious, people around the world are yelling gibberish into their phone, and Devin is consuming more of The Office! Meanwhile, Afshaan is trying to figure out the strange game she found in her closet. What is Jumanji?

Episode 2: Chickens, bow ties, and hair flips

On this episode we talk about how your friendly neighbourhood Spider-man, came up with a very Spidey solution to the lack of supplies on grocery shelves. We give this method a shot, too - didn't quite work out, as expected.

Our Seneca community is finding innovative ways to complete their assignments using resources from around the house. We have to agree with the Doctor - bow ties are cool!

Afshaan and Devin have been giving the Prime Minister's hair flip a go - without much success, while avoiding any moist speaking.

Meanwhile, Afshaan has a hilarious book recs, and Devin is catching up on Marvel movies so she can finally understand Afshaan's references.

Episode 1: Creativity, coffee, and Carol Baskin

On this episode we learn about how art museums are capturing their audience's attention on social media by challenging them to recreate artistic masterpieces. The results were quite interesting. We gave it a shot, and exceeded our expectations... if you consider Home Alone a masterpiece.

Our Seneca community is finding ways to keep active and well. They're hitting all the fitness goals, and making us wish we didn't spend all day sleeping!

Afshaan and Devin give their unsolicited review on the very popular Dalgona coffee trend, and appreciate baristas around the world. They also discuss the merits of giving Tiger King a shot - after all, did Carol Baskin kill her husband?


When John Krasinski launched his YouTube show Some Good News, a show all about showcasing the good news stories in the world, we couldn’t help but feel inspired to do the same. Our goal throughout this time has been to help people still feel connected and to create and share content that might help them feel better. Making a good news show of our own felt like a natural progression.

Thus, the Silver Linings Broadcast was created. SGN is doing an amazing job of sharing the positive stories from around the world, so we figured we’d build on that and add our own twists. SLB features feel good stories that are close to home, #SenecaProudAtHome moments, trending social media topics, and ideas for what to watch, read, or listen to.

No matter how dark things might feel, we can still find the silver linings and the good in the world will shine through. We hope the show brings a smile to your face and reminds us all that we can get through this.

If you have any stories you’d like us to feature, please feel free to email us at