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Social Media Posts to Guide You On the Black Lives Matter Movement

While it is important that we move beyond social media and hashtags to take meaningful actions in our lives that will help deconstruct systemic racism, we need to learn how. Remember, it is unfair for us to reach out and ask our Black friends to teach us when we should be making an effort to learn ourselves. There are many resources available, and most of the story is written in our history books. Take the time to learn it. Nonetheless, many voices in the Black Community have graciously taken to social media to talk to about how racism affects them. Please watch these videos for a better perspective on the movement, and how we can be better allies!

Nic Stone

Nic Stone is the New York Time's bestselling author of Dear Martin and Clean Getaway. She focuses on writing books that represent the voices of the young African American community. Nic is a proud storyteller who uses her platform to elevate authors. Recently, she has teamed up with fellow writers to create a series called Let's Talk About Race which focuses on how we as a community need to identify and dismantle racism.

Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah is a comedian and talk show host, who is currently seen on The Daily Show. He has always been open in his critique of politics in his stand-up special and on his show. Trevor Noah often talks about growing up as a Black child in South Africa during the Apartheid, and often relates racism in the present day to his own experiences.

Nova Reid

From Nova Reid's Website:

Often described as a force to be reckoned with,  Nova is an inspirational speaker, writer, and diversity and anti-racism campaigner. Nova approaches her work from a unique position and uses her professional background in counselling skills and mental wellbeing and understanding of human behaviour (certified NLP coach) to encourage meaningful change from the inside out.

Chrissy Rutherford

Chrissy Rutherford is a contributing editor at Harper's Bazaar. She uses her platform to talk about fashion, music, and mental health. She has always been an advocate for representation in the fashion and entertainment industry, and recently took to social media to talk about racism, and how we can end it.

Christian Dante

Christian Dante is a model, actor, and lifestyle coach who is using his platform to help non-Black individuals understand how they can be better allies to the Black community.


Viola Davis

Viola Davis is an actor and producer who is known for her powerful roles in The Help and How to Get Away With Murder. She is also partnered with organization aimed at ending hunger and poverty in America. She is an intersectional feminist who advocates for better Black representation in the industry.