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Student Life

Interesting Tips For Self-Isolation

10 Unusual Isolation Tips to Combat Quarantine 1. Build a Fort If you’re going to be in self-isolation, might as well do it in style! Forts help you focus if you’re working from home. They’re also a lot of fun!…

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Technical Communications

Be Agile!

What’s Agile? It’s a ground-breaking project development methodology that increases productivity and flexibility. While Agile first emerged in the software industry, it is now spreading across multiple types of organization. Learning about Agile and how to work in an Agile…

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Great Short Films Made in 24 Hours

24-hour film festivals have produced some great short films, we have gathered here some of our favourites. We hope they can inspire you for the Cameo Contest. Remember that the most important thing is to tell a compelling story. The…

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