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What’s a Technical Communicator?

A what?  Technical communicators are professionals who make technology easier to understand for users.  To this end, technical communicators use various forms of media like online help systems, user manuals, and e-learning modules.  Most of all, they  are language experts with excellent research skills.



Why high-quality technical content is important

Remember that thing you bought a while ago? Remember how much time it took you to figure out the awful instructions?  Well, if a pro had written the manual, you probably wouldn’t remember it.  And that’s exactly the point! The truth is that people read instructions to complete tasks, not to read a novel. A good piece of technical writing is straightforward, accurate, and complete.  This is why  technical communicators are so valuable... They understand the user's needs.

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Career Oportunities

There's work for technical communicators in about every fields and it pays well.  Most jobs are in the IT, banking, medical industries.  If you’re interested writing content for any of these fields,  technical communication might be for you.

Why Seneca?

Seneca's Technical Communication Certificate  had a complete make over. It prepares students to produce content with the latest tools  like  Adobe Frame MakerAdobe Captivate and MadCap Flare.  The program will help you build a strong portfolio to impress employers. It’s also the only in-person  certificate in the province.  This allow  some classes during second semester to be structure like an Agile Development Work Cycle, a new project management methodolgy.     In addition, all students take part in a paid coop placement after they complete the program.  Other than technical writing and editing, Seneca graduates can pursue a career in web development, UX design, or E-learning.


  • Agile Development project
  • UX Development courses
  • Great software


For more information about the program contact Amy Brigg.


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