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The Conference : A SenecaMedia Press Feature

            From the creators of Seneca Media, comes a brand-new series set to inspire and enthral.  The Conference is an incredible story about teamwork, dedication, and perseverance. With a talented cast and amazing visuals, The Conference hits all the right chords. It tells the gripping story of a press conference about raw milk. It is well-written and well-executed, with nothing but positivity. Here is why we loved it so much.

The Synergy of Powerhouses

It isn’t often that we get to see the coming together of this level of talent on one platform. The creativity of Public Relations, the wit of Journalism, and the keen eye of Television delivered something magical. It was heartwarming to see these three programs interact, and work in coordination to make The Conference a reality. This is something these talented individuals will have to do going forward in their careers. They proved that they have a bright future indeed, with their professionalism and skill.

The Hustle

The PR students planned to perfection, with pro-level media advisories and releases that were sent out promptly to the Journalism department. This was some A-grade media relations. They mastered all the details, down to serving relevant refreshments and anticipating possible questions that the Journalists could ask them. Every student present knew their stuff, and nailed it with confidence. As PR prospects, they measured their words, and gave answers consistent with their key messages.  It was perhaps most impressive that amidst all of this, they had only one week to plan everything. From gathering the materials and managing stakeholders, to preparing messages and conducting thorough research on the topic of raw milk, these students were up all night. It is quite amazing then, that the execution did not reflect the time-crunch whatsoever!

The Drama

Though, the PR students came prepared, the future Journalists brought their best interrogation skills. They showed how important it is to do your research, and relentlessly countered the PR students’ spin to get the real story, and the truth. The intense question and answer period between the Journalists and PR students definitely called for popcorn. While the PR students know their way around theatrics, this was quite telling of the talent in the Journalism program. They knew exactly which questions to ask, and did not let the any of the PR students’ tricks stop them. In one exhilarating scene, that captured PR students fleeing right after the event to avoid further questions, we saw just how dedicated the journalists were. They held them back in a scrum to make sure all their questions were answered, and even followed them all the way back to their classroom.

The Authenticity

PR and Journalism engaging in an intense battle of words could have very well looked like a debate, had it not been for the presence of our TV students. They created the perfect atmosphere for a press conference, with the correct lighting, sound system, and of course the cameras. Crew members framed all the action in a beautiful and authentic scene. They arrived half an hour early to ensure that all audio-visual aspects were prepared, and when it was finally time for the event, these amazing students didn’t miss a beat in capturing all the action. They were seen holding the boom mics in place, and lugging around some pretty massive cameras over their shoulders, just to get the perfect shots from the right angles. Without the hard work and keen eye of these individuals, the event would be incomplete. TV truly breathed life and aesthetics into The Conference.

A Must Watch

Without one component of the cog, the event wouldn’t have been as brilliant as it was. We are floored by the skill, perseverance, and tenacity displayed by all three of our programs, and cannot wait to see them in action in real life. What was even more remarkable, was the synergy of three brilliant directors; David Turnbull, Glenn Heshka, and Bill Hutchison. They are geniuses in their own right. So, when they came together to guide the young talent, and teach them the ropes from their own experience, the product couldn’t possibly be anything short of amazing. We look forward to these incredible humans working together again very soon.

Keep in mind that everything we discussed happened only in the PILOT. That is right, this is only the beginning. The series has been picked up by Seneca Media’s accounts, and is slated to air in November. We cannot wait to see what surprises they hold. The first episode took us through an emotional ride by portraying themes such as sickness and recovery, fake news, and a surprise ghost. We cannot wait to see what is to follow! This SenecaMedia press conference had every element of honest and entertaining media!