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What’s it like to be a young journalist in a pandemic?

This year just about every industry has seen changes. Changes in how work is done, where work is done, and what work is done. As a student, it can be difficult to know where you stand or what you're about to enter into. To help with those worries, and give some much needed motivation we've reached out to our alumni to ask their honest advice.

On this episode of the podcast, we interviewed nine alumni from our Journalism program to find out what their lives as young journalists have been like since the pandemic hit. We asked them about working from home, maintaining their mental health, and what guidance they've received from mentors. We also asked what advice they have for current students. We knew we could count on them to tell it like it is and give us a true sense of what their jobs are like. Some of them have been out of school for three years, some only four months, but all of them have valuable experiences to share.


Enjoy the journey to the job because everyone’s is so different. You’re never going to find a clear path, a cookie cutter way to just get where you want to go. It’s so different, so enjoy it along the way.

- Tristan Marchegiani

Meet The Alumni

Aleia Ally

Class of 2018

Mrinali Anchan

Class of 2018

Tahmina Aziz

Class of 2018

Glenn Bragonier

Class of 2020

Salma Ibrahim

Class of 2017

James Mackin

Class of 2020

J.R. Manatad

Class of 2018

Niza Nondo

Class of 2019